Cheer Up With these 17 Most Depressing, Gloomy And Morbid Songs

Black Sabbath Live In Concert Miami Arena Miami, FL 11/15/1995 12-10 © PR Photos

OK, OK! There's no sugarcoating it! These songs totally SUCK….THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF YOU! Well not literally, but metaphorically.  Basically, these songs are gloomy, sad songs that definitely won’t lift your spirits.  So if you’re already sad yourself – you may want to save this downer for a happier day. 

1) Nina Simone, “Strange Fruit” (The Essential Nina Simone, 2003)

Nina Simone © Sony BMG 

“Strange Fruit” satisfies all three characteristics necessary to make this playlist – it’s truly depressing, gloomy, and morbid.  The morbid aspect is the most disturbing as the “Southern trees / bearing strange fruit / blood on the leaves / and blood on the roots” refers to blacks being lynched. 

Kanye West sampled Nina Simone’s version in his popular 2013 song “Blood On The Leaves” from Yeezus.  

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