Amazing and Powerful Mythological Creatures

When you think of some of the strongest creatures in the world; there is no doubt that a few mythological creatures would slip in as an answer to that description. Although they are only fictitious, something about their power, designs, and stories that continue to bring us back to bringing them into our modern media.

After reading about these creatures, you will not only be fascinated but also thankful that none of them actually exist. Enjoy:



A harpy is a large human-bird hybrid; bird wings and talons with a human head and possibly chest. They originate from Greek mythology.

Harpies have been brought up in different forms of media in different ways; many depict the creature as ugly creatures while others represent them as half bird half beautiful maidens.

In mythology centered around Zeus, the God punished the king of Thrace, Phineus, in the form of sending him to an island that held only two things. A giant buffet of food, and harpies. The punishment played out to Phineus with the problem that Phineus could never eat this food because the harpies would always get to them first.

Harpies are fast and sometimes written to be very strong with the ability to fly down and not only snatch up objects and animals but sometimes even humans as well. They have also been blamed for bringing bad weather and harsh sea waters.

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