Can You Top These Hilarious 'Elf On a Shelf' Creations?

Each Christmas season, families with children begin sharing their 'Elf on a Shelf' stories with families and friends on their social media accounts. Though it is fun for the kids, and perhaps for many of the parents involved, those who have to witness the barrage of Elves hiding in cupboards, or hanging from Christmas stockings can at times get overwhelming for the rest of us. That is why we enjoy those parents who take their 'Elf on a Shelf' duties with a little more of a sense of humor, and they stage their elves just as much for those of us who will be witnessing the deluge of Elves, as for their children.

To these people, we say "thank you" for the laughs, and each year they make the non-stop elf pics a little bit easier to stomach. Here are a few of our favorites from years past, and what we have seen so far this year, enjoy!


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