Common Phrases With Their Origins and Meanings

We may find ourselves using common idioms and phrases daily, without truly knowing where they even originated from. Luckily, that is not entirely a bad thing, since typically the phrases have changed largely as time has passed, however, it is still interesting to note just how these out-there phrases came about. 

Take a look at this list of some common phrases that you may hear on the daily, along with their origins or meanings. Enjoy, some of these are pretty crazy: 

For Pete's Sake:


The term "For Pete's Sake" was a saying that came into play as a substitution of "For Christs' Sake." Pete also hopped into other saying that originally held the title of Christ such as "For the Love of Pete."

The Pete sayings originally came to us in the Oxford English Dictionary with "For the love of Pete" and "In the name of Pete."

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