Crazy Facts About Krampus

Have you heard of Krampus? Perhaps you have seen the 2015 Christmas horror film. However, we're not talking about that; we're talking about the original folklore that was initially created years ago during the pre-Christian, Pagan age.

For most Children, he is a horrible creature who you don't want to have to breathe down your neck, while for many others, he's a staple of Christmas, even more so than St. Nick.

What are your thoughts on Krampus? Is he just here to do his job and shouldn't be treated with such hatred, or are you on bored with hating him like many others? Take a look at these crazy facts about the Christmas demon Krampus, and come to a conclusion yourself! Merry Krampus, enjoy:

Who is Krampus?:


Krampus has been around for as long as St. Nicholas himself. He was created in folklore to be St. Nicks half goat, half demon companion who, unlike St. Nick who would reward nice children with presents they wanted; he would punish naughty children with coal or, in some stories, swats to the rear.

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