Deepest Shower Thoughts That Will Make You Think "Hmmmm"

Shower Thoughts

Have you ever wondered how many of the problems of the world were solved because of leaders who were able to think through a peaceful outcome in the shower or if any of Einstein's biggest ideas came about after a long hot bath? Well, believe it or not, people have a lot of their deepest thoughts in the shower, thanks to the warmth of the water and increased circulation of blood flow to your brain, ideas and prolific thoughts seem to happen at lightning speed, remembering them, however, is another matter. It seems that once the water stops and you dry yourself off, you often forget that mind-bending thought that you knew would leave others believing that you are indeed, the genius that you always claimed to be.

If you are lucky enough to remember your witty, or prolific thought where can you go to share it with the world? Twitter? No, you only have 237 Followers, and yes, there is a chance that your thought was so outstanding that it will go viral, but 43% of your Followers are Bots, 50% aren't active, leaving only 7% to share in your glorious thought. You could turn to Facebook, but since the election last year, all of your friends have turned off your feed, so what's next?

That's right if you want the world to witness your brilliance, you share your thoughts on Reddit's Shower Thoughts. This is where the world's anonymous genius's go to gain accolades from those who need affirmation that there are others out there who have deep thoughts just like them, and nine times out of ten, they happen in the shower.

20- Not So Cool Job:

Hot JobDavid Spates

"It must suck to be an air conditioner repairman. You spend your day working in buildings that have no air conditioning. When it's fixed and finally cool, you leave." -by SoDakMax

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