Did You Know The Foods You Eat Today Used To Look Like This?

Even before more modern times, humans have been selectively breeding crops in the prospect of making them more appealing, both visually and taste-wise.

So, it may be important to note, that the fruits and vegetables you eat these days didn't always look as they do now. They were first naturally grown with different tastes, and even flavors, before they were genetically altered into the foods you know and love today.

Take a look at this list and see just how these fruits and vegetables looked before they were tampered with by humans. Enjoy:



The picture on the left is a cropped scene from one of Giovanni Stanchi's art pieces of watermelons, peaches, pears and other fruit in a landscape. You may notice that the watermelon on the left looks very different than the more recognizable one on the right, however, considering this art piece was first painted around 1645-1672, that lets us realize that watermelons had to be altered at some point.

Through the picture on the right, you can see more details within the fruit, and that the fruit itself is much whiter in comparison to the entirely pink fruit of the modern-day watermelon. Some people began to believe that the watermelon in the painting may have just been unwatered, or wasn't yet ripe. However, the black seeds that are stored inside prove otherwise. Modern Watermelon today are bred to have much redder and fleshy intestines, which they managed to make possible with its placenta.

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