Disturbing Fairy Tale Origins That You Will Not Forget

As we grow up, fairy tales will always be apart of our lives in some way. Typically, the stories are generally the same, the same name, and almost the same premise. However, that does not mean that what we hear is always the same as another's experience of what they heard.

Fairy tales can come in many different forms and variations, and with these variations and original stories from what becomes more well-known, this will show you just how much things can change based off of perception.

Take a look at these fairy tales and how different, and surprisingly disturbing, they were initially, compared to what you have come to know and keep close to your heart. Enjoy:



While the infamous story of Pinocchio will forever be stuck in every adults' mind as being a heartwarming family flick, even that film had a few unnerving moments in itself. Almost everyone will have the donkey transformation scene or the moment where Monstro the whale first makes an appearance stuck in our minds.

But would you rather have those moments compared to the original story? In the original fairy tale of Pinocchio, or 'The Adventures of Pinocchio;' by Carlo Collodi, almost everyone had a bad ending.

Pinocchio runs away from home which causes police to believe that Gepetto was abusing the child, and sentenced him to time in prison because of it. Pinocchio at one point returned home and ended up accidentally killing the wise cricket, also known as Jiminy Cricket. There were also many more various deaths and dark themes that took place in the story, many of which had something or another to do with Pinocchio, such as Pinnochio's feet being burned to cinders as well as the puppet being hung from a tree.

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