How to Spend Valentine's Day When You're Single

Single ValentineSingle Valentine

For most of the year, being sing is a piece of cake! For 364 days of the year, you are free to do whatever you want without anyone passing judgment on your relationship status, but on February 14th, not only do you start to feel a little lonely seeing the non-singles in your life spend time together, but you also have to endure your fair share of, "So, when are you going to give up the single life" questions. Not only is it unfair, since you are not a fortune teller, but there could be other reasons in your life, why you prefer to be single.

So, what do you do on the day that so many couples look forward to, that you wish you could just avoid?

Turn Off Your Phone:

Turn Off Your PhoneTurn Off Your PhonePhanuwat Nandee

This is the one day of the year you are allowed, as a single to disengage from anything social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, anything that will make you feel that you are alone on a day devoted to couples. Your friends can't help but show off the gifts they get from their significant others, it is the way that they show others how much they are loved, and how lucky to have found someone who thinks they are great even when everyone else thinks they are annoying. So, instead of being jealous, be glad that you are not that desperate or insecure. You, however, do not have to endure all of the "Love" and "Look at what my Boo gave me," because you are above all of that. You will also want to avoid any awkward phone conversations that may lead to, "So did anyone give you anything for Valentine's Day?"

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