Do You Have Any Of These Natural Abilities?

In this gigantic world filled with people, there will always be that one person who can do something that you cannot do.

Although there are so many things you can do through strenuous training and practice; there are some things you just cannot do no matter how hard you try. These actions are usually given to people via genetics, meaning that they are pretty much born with the ability to do it.

Although there is a chance you can train yourself to do these actions, which would be amazing, sometimes, it is best to just be amazed at the natural gifts given to those out of complete chance; such as tricks with the tongue, or touching parts of your own body with only your tongue. They are amazing, albiet strange actions; and can be quite the party tricks. Enjoy:

Wiggle Their Ears:


Some people may be able to wiggle one ear, some others can wiggle both, and some may not be able to wiggle either at all. Ear movement is standard in many mammals and animals; a bundle of muscles in the ear are what causes this movement. Three different muscles are what the bundle consists of, which helps the ears to move forward, backward, up and down, as well as raise them.

Most of our ancestors would have been able to wiggle their ears easily, however, because of evolution the ability was becoming useless for humans to have, so many these days cannot do it. Those who can, however, typically will also have strong control over their facial expressions and facial muscles. Those who have strong control over their facial muscles are not only limited to wiggling their ears but would probably be apt to learn many other crazy tricks as well.

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