Interesting Things To Know About Opposite Day

Opposite Day, or sometimes titled backward day, is a challenging day where you must attempt to do everything in a way opposite of how you would usually do it.

Opposite Day can be one of the trickiest, unofficial holidays to successfully complete. Out of all 365 days in a year, we find ourselves doing everything normally, so with no time to prepare for this one day out of the year, you can find yourself feeling quite overwhelmed.

Although many may declare the start of the day, not many people actually have the patience to actually complete it to a close. The day consists of saying 'no' for 'yes' or using directions of 'left' as 'right.' As you may realize, this can get extremely messy quite fast. In fact, this day, to those who do not participate in it, can find it is quite a nuisance.

Here you can see just how Opposite day, somewhat, came about; and how it fit itself into a spot on our calendars. Enjoy:

When Is It Celebrated?:


Many children, usually when attempting to get out of trouble for breaking the rules, or just trying to fool others in general, will typically declare any day to be opposite day if it means that they may be allowed to get away with doing something. However, there is a legitimate, national date for the day.

Opposite day is always, nationally, celebrated on the 25th of January. However, since the day is not typically observed as a big deal, many people do end up looking over the day.

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