11 Genius But Unethical (And Probably Illegal) Life Hacks

Hard work definitely gets people ahead in life, but not everybody plays fair. People often bend or break the rules to gain advantage in some way or another and many seldom get caught.

Some of these so-called life hacks are unethical while others are simple productivity tips, but remember that most of these are are just for your reading pleasure and something we don't endorse should you decide to try and pull one (or more) of them off.

While we do find things like number one and number six genius and are tempted to try them, there are others, like number 10 that have us cracking up!

And, of course, a couple of these might also be illegal!

1. Parking Ticket Hack

No, not like the ticket you get for parking illegally, this is all about parking garages and parking lots. It's ingenious but probably not worth it if you get caught! I you've ever parked your car for a long time -- like at an airport or in a Manhattan parking garage -- and you don't want to pay the insane amount of money they charge, then you could try this. Before leaving the parking lot, walk up to the ticket machine and take a new ticket. When you go to leave hand the clerk the new ticket and pay the minimum!

2. Movie Ticket Hack

A dozen of your friends can watch a movie in the theater for the cost of just 2 movie tickets! All you have to do is go to the theater on a very busy night and buy two tickets. After entering, one person heads back to the snack bar with both tickets and comes in with the new person with them. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. Get caught, though, and you'll probably get banned from that theater.

3. Coinstar Machine Hacks

If you unplug the Ethernet cord from a Coinstar machine, then it won't charge a commission. It's a good way to get all of your money in the form of cash instead of having to cough up the 9%-plus commission or take it in the form of some sort of gift card. But be careful -- there might be some kind of tamper alarm connected to these machines.

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