Mind-Blowing Uses For Those Misunderstood Things You See Every Day

There are some aspects of items we use every day that we don't truly understand, but have just come to accept and not question.

Though, if you're still one to question things either way, then here is a list of you. In this list, we have a few items with significant features of things that aren't always understood by many. We will tell you what the function is, and what it is typically used for, whether you can use it yourself, or if it does something for you naturally. Enjoy:

Holes in Lollipop Sticks:


Everyone enjoys their lollipops from time to time; it's a candy that will never get old no matter what you do to it. Whether you fill it with gum, chocolate, or nothing at all; it's still a sweet treat that will have you begging for more.

One thing you may have noticed while snacking on these fruity delicacy's would be the sticks that the lollipop sticks onto, or more noticeably, the hole that is on the stick.

This hole is actually for keeping the lollipop stuck to the stick; it holds the candy down so that way it won't fall off during your consumption of the candy.

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