More Disturbing Fairy Tale Origins You Will Not Believe!

There are so many fairy tales there is no surprise that there are different variations. But with this batch of fairy tales, this seems to be the ones that had even darker origins than in the last installment.

In this post, we will be covering more creepy and disturbing fairy tale origins. However, you will soon see that these are the ones that allow us to realize that even the protagonists will not always have it easy. Enjoy:

Little Red Riding Hood:


In Most Little Red Riding Hood stories, Little Red is on her way to her ill grandmother's house, to bring her bread and other foods. Typically the story consists of her going straight to her grandmother's house but encountering a big bad wolf on her way, who attempts to sway her off of the path. Before Little Red gets to her grandmother's house, the wolf beats her there and ends up eating the grandmother in order to disguise himself as her. The wolf dresses up as her grandmother and waits in the bed for Little Red's arrival.

Little Red gets there and begins questioning the wolf, not yet realizing that it isn't her grandmother she's speaking to, and just as the wolf decides to take action and attack little Red, a lumberjack breaks through the wall to come to her rescue. This is the typical ending that ends with the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf is beaten or killed, and the lumberjack ends up saving Little Red's Life. Sometimes, even the grandmother also survives.

In the original, Little Red definitely isn't as lucky. Not only is her grandmother eaten, but she is as well. In the original, there is no lumberjack deus ex machina to come and save her as soon as the wolf attacks; Little Red actually gets eaten. It's a terrifying story that warns children the dangers of either going into the woods or listening to or following strangers. As well as to stop children for going off on their own without their parents.

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