Real Life Animals That Inspired Pokemon!

Everyone has been exposed to Pokemon at some point in their lives. But did you know you could have witnessed them even without actually seeing the show, the games, cards, or even any of the merchandise?

This could be the case since real-life animals and plants actually inspired many of the Pokemon monsters. You could have been seeing a Pokemon without even realizing it.

Here are ten plants and animals that have inspired the designs of various Pocket Monsters, enjoy:


PangolinThe Pangolin, an endangered species, is a scaly, desert mammal that is armored from head to toe. It relies on its four giant claws, and its ability to roll up into a tiny ball if needed.

The Sandshrew evolution family dramatically resembles the Pangolin. While the Sandshrew, the first stage, sports the full-bodied scale armor, the Sandslash, second stage, sports two giant claws on all four feet.

SandshrewLeft Sandslash - Second Evolution Right Sandshrew - First Nintendo

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