Strangely Normal Things That Are Banned in North Korea

There's a lot of things we know about North Korea; it's a communistic country in which we have recently been having a tense relationship with.

However, did you know the problems that go even deeper within the country? You may have ended up guessing that the government is radically strict when it comes to their civilians, but did you know how far the strictness went?

Here is a list of some normal things that we all cooperate into our lives on a daily basis, that, in North Korea, is just a way to pave someone's path straight to prison:

Breaking North Korean Rules:


Keep in mind before reading these, that many punishments for this country are severe. Those who are arrested can and will be sentenced to years of imprisonment, or labor camps. There's also a chance that if the misconduct is great enough, there's even a chance they can be sentenced to execution.

In these next examples of things that are illegal in North Korea, keep in mind that they're typically stuff that we don't think twice about doing, but in North Korea; it can be a life sentence for someone, as well as their family lines.

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