Stupid Reasons Students Have Gotten Punished in School

Maybe a few of us have gotten into trouble once or times with school, but when you look back on it, did you mature enough to realize it was just deserved; or was it a reason that was genuinely ridiculous enough but somehow was still went through?

Either way, these stories are stories of students who were suspended or reprimanded for some of the worst reasonings or simple overreactions.

These days, it may be for the better that schools are becoming stricter on their rules, however, sometimes there are just some cases that you should just let go. Enjoy:

Paper Gun:

Paper Gun

A ten-year-old elementary schooler, Melody Valentin, was searched and scolded in front of the entire class for the fact she had a piece of paper in the shape of a gun.

The little gun-shaped paper was made by and given to her by her grandfather the day before. The object was noticed by a classmate while Melody was on her way to toss it in the trash-bin. The student who noticed told the teacher and the teacher reacted with scolds and by bringing in another faculty who searched her in front of the whole classroom.

In a news report on the matter, Melody was traumatized by the situation, and even began getting bullied by her classmates afterward as they continuously called her 'murderer.'

It also doesn't help that a Philadelphia boy, just a few weeks ago, had also gotten punished for making the shape of a gun using his own fingers. 

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