Teen's Video Forces Everyone To Take A Look At Bullying

Bullying made its way back into the headlines this week when a Tennessee teen's anti-bullying video went viral. Celebrities from all over rallied to show Keaton, the young boy in the video that they had his back, everyone from Snoop Dogg, to the Tennesee Vols, Delanie Walker, and even Dana White reached out to the teen.

In Keaton's video, he was asking his mother "why do they bully?" They pick on him because of his nose, call him ugly, think he's different. In truth, it is not just Keaton who is being bullied at school. One in five children admits to being bullied in one way or another, and Keaton and his mother, Kimberly Jones, have done the world a favor and brought this fact to light.  

Like Keaton, over 160,000 students find it hard to attend school each day due to being bullied at their schools. Teachers seldom ever see the bullying and when they do, they only intervene about 4 percent of the time, making those students who are being bullied feel as if they have no one to turn to and unsafe.

Children who are being bullied suffer from lower self-esteem, have fewer friends, can experience problems sleeping, poor grades, anxiety, and a whole host of psychological problems.

Not only does bullying effect those who are being bullied but it also effects those who witness the bullying. Those who witness bullying are more likely to use drugs or alcohol and skip school, so just because your child is not one of those students doing the bullying or being bullied, it does not mean that they are not affected.

There is good news for teens like Keaton, however, many of those who are bullied learn how to turn that negative behavior towards them into motivation. Several Hollywood celebrities overcame being bullied and proved that even though being a kid is hard for many, learning how to empower yourself to do great things can be very rewarding and when you were bullied as a kid nothing is more rewarding than becoming greater than your bully.

Here are some examples of celebrities who used to be bullied:

Justin Timberlake:

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake at the 89th Annual Academy Awards held at the Hollywood and Highland Center in Hollywoodbuzzfuss

Before he was married to Jessica Biel and 'Bringing Sexy Back' even before he was a teen idol, Justin Timberlake was an awkward teen with acne and was picked on by bullies. 

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