The Most Fabulous Ugly Sweaters For This Holiday Season!


For a few years now, ugly sweater parties have been a favorite among company holiday parties as an easy way to get their employees to attend and have fun, laughing at each other and see who can find the most outrageous ugly sweater and hold the crown for the year. 

It used to be that we would all get ugly sweaters from obscure relatives with poor taste who shopped in questionable outlet malls, but now, mainstream stores are selling ugly sweaters to get in on the fun, and the uglier the sweater the better.

We thought it would be fun to get in on the fun with you this year and help you shop for some hilariously funny ugly sweaters. Let us know if you see any that you like or that you may own, enjoy!

We Gonna Party:

We Gonna Party

50 Cent should be proud that his song inspired this Christmas beauty!

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