This Is What Can Happen When You Turn Your Back For Two Seconds

It's easy to forget that even though we are in control of ourselves and what we do, we are not in control of other or our surroundings. It doesn't matter how much you prepare, organize, or plan there are often others who are prepared to show you that that world has a sense of humor and you cannot control everything no matter how hard you try.

To prove this, we have found some hilarious example of people doing everything right, except turning their back for just a moment, or trusting someone else to finish a task, or even leaving the kids with dad only having it to come back and haunt you later when the kids think you are a stick in the mud and dad is cool. Yes, these are the people who wish they had thought twice about what has gotten them into their current situation, leaving us to laugh at their results, enjoy!

Feeling The Groove:

Cheez It DogCheez-It DogCherryandIvory

"You're going to have to wear that box until we get to where we're going!"

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