We Bet You Didn't Know These Random Facts!

Everyone loves a little bit of trivia every now and then, that is why Snapple places and other companies use random facts as marketing ploys to get people to buy their drinks or other products. Part of the joy people get from these products is the little bit of random knowledge that you may pick up and get to share with someone else throughout the day to make you seem a little smarter. 

Well, we would like to share some random fun facts with you that you may find interesting that you may think are interesting enough to pass on to someone else or share at the water cooler because we were pretty impressed when we learned these things and we think you will be too, enjoy.

On Google:


Google owns commonly misspelled domain names like Gooogle, Gogle, Googel, and 466453.com (the numbers that correspond with letters in the word Google on the Telephone). This is to keep others from misrepresenting themselves as Google.

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