Would You Want To Do These Crazy and Unique Jobs?

We all have to make a living; so why not take a job that is completely out of this world? These jobs are insane, yet actually, have important roles in this life, and they're not always talked about. 

Here are some of the craziest jobs you can get; but be careful, it may fill you with envy. Enjoy: 

Deodorant Tester:


All you'd have to do is sniff different peoples' armpits on a daily basis. Though, would you think it's worth it? The salary for an armpit sniffer makes around $19,000 to $52,000 a year.

Though before you go on the phone, be sure to realize that this job does take, not only the will to smell everyone's sweaty bodies with that hint of floral deodorizer; but you also need to have a good sense of smell. You also need the ability to pick scents apart and describe what they are and what lacking scents may need.

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